When can I study abroad?

  • Study abroad at sub-honours level is not permitted.
  • Most programmes are aimed at Junior Honours students.

Are all programmes for a full academic year?

No, some programmes are available for either a semester or a full academic year.

Other programmes are available for a full academic year only.

Can I apply for Semester One, Semester Two and the Full Year, or must I choose one?

Yes, you can apply for both one semester and the full academic year, provided these options are available for your degree subject.  Please refer to our Where can i go? webpages for further details.

I'm a Joint Honours student; is it possible for me to study abroad?

Yes, a lot of students who study abroad are Joint Honours.

If you are a Joint Honours student and are applying to a St Andrews Abroad programme, both Honours subjects must list the programme - see Where can I go?

If you are a Joint Honours student and are applying to a subject Study Abroad programme, you must ask your Study Abroad Coordinator from your other School to write to the Global Office team to confirm that they are happy for you to participate in the programme (this does not apply if you are Joint Honours within the School of Modern Languages).

Can I study abroad in two different places?

If you participate in a St Andrews Abroad programme for a full academic year, you may not then go abroad again in your final year as you must spend two Honours semesters in St Andrews.

If you are studying abroad on a School programme, it may be possible to split your Junior Honours year and spend each semester at a different institution.  For example, a student studying French and Spanish may wish to spend a semester in France and a semester in Spain.  You should check with your Study Abroad Co-ordinator whether this is possible in your subject area.  You should also consider the additional challenges involved in splitting a year in this way as it means adapting quickly to two new academic cultures.

If you wish to spend one semester abroad on a School programme and one semester on a St Andrews Abroad programme, you may apply to do so (with the permission of your School), but please note that, where there is competition for St Andrews Abroad places, priority may be given to students who do not have a second placement planned.

How many universities can I apply to?

If you are applying for the St Andrews Abroad programme, you can rank all of the options available for your School/Degree programme in order of preference.  You can apply for both the St Andrews Abroad programme and a School abroad programme.

Can I choose to study abroad somewhere that is not listed under Where can I go?

No. Study Abroad for credit is permitted on existing University approved programmes only.

What grades do I need?

Honours entry is a minimum requirement for all programmes. You must make Honours entry and progress to an Honours degree.

Applicants to St Andrews Abroad should have a minimum average grade of 13.5 in their intended Honours subject(s) from first year.  Application is competitive and the main criterion is a strong academic record.

Subject Study Abroad programmes have their own entry criteria; for details, see the partner university's profile from Where can I go?

Do I need to speak another language to be able to study abroad in Europe?

While many of our European exchanges are aimed at students of Modern Languages, there are opportunities for students in other subjects, and several partner institutions offer courses in English as well as the host language.

Some partner universities also offer language courses in their country's main language. These can be offered before and/or during the semester, and are a good way to meet other students. Please see preparatory courses for details.

Can I study abroad in my home country?

This is not prohibited, but you should think carefully about your reasons for applying to the programme and be prepared to make a good case to the selection committee.  For competitive programmes, the selection committee may give priority to students whom they feel will benefit the most from the opportunity to experience another culture.

What happens if I'm selected to study abroad and need to sit assessments in August?

You can go on your study or work placement(s) if you pass assessments in the May or August examination diet and make Honours entry.

However, you will need to carefully consider the organisational and financial impacts of planning to go abroad when your Honours entry is only confirmed after the August examinations diet. For example, given current processing times, you will probably need to apply for visas or permits before you know whether you will be able to go on your placement. You may wish to hold off on committing to non-refundable travel and accommodation arrangements before you know where you will be for the following academic year. Some placements also start close to the dates of the August examination diet, or even before it. Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your situation.

What happens if I fail an assessment at the end of second year?

It's important to note that if you are offered a place on an exchange or Study Abroad programme in Junior Honours, this offer is conditional upon the successful completion of your second year.  If you fail to make Honours entry in the May and August examination diets, you will be unable to participate in an external programme in the following academic year. As per the terms and conditions, you will need to repay any scholarships or mobility funds you have received if you are unable to go abroad.

I'm a postgraduate student; can I study abroad?

There are several exchange programmes available for research students; check with your supervisor for available options in your discipline.

As most postgraduate taught programmes are a year in length, it is not usually possible to study abroad. However, St Andrews does offer some two year postgraduate taught programmes which include a placement abroad, including degrees in Peacebuilding and Mediation; German and Comparative Literature; and Film Studies.