Types of placement

The University has a range of exchange and Study Abroad programmes, all of which are carefully selected and monitored.  We have good relations with our partners overseas and work closely with them to ensure our students enjoy a successful period abroad and a smooth return to St Andrews thereafter. Find out more about the different types of placement. 

Undergraduate placements

  • St Andrews Abroad
    These are exchange programmes which are open to students across a number of subjects in Arts, Divinity and Science.  Applications are competitive and the selection process is led by the Associate Deans. Most St Andrews Abroad programmes involve a full academic year of study at one of our partner institutions, though some exchanges are available for one semester only (usually during Junior Honours year). 

  • School Study Abroad programmes
    These are programmes specific to a certain Department or School. Several Schools have exchange links with other institutions.  While some of these are for students of Modern Languages, a number of opportunities exist for students in other Schools, and several of our exchange partners offer courses in English as well as the language of the host country. Students may spend one semester or a full academic year abroad, depending on the programme.

  • Working abroad
    Students on specific degree programmes in Biology, in Chemistry and in Modern Languages may apply to undertake a work placement abroad as an integral part of their degree programme
  • Summer opportunities

    We are looking to offer a range of summer opportunities for 2024, supported by the external funders and the Turing Scheme.  Students do not gain academic credit from participating in these programmes. In 2022, we offered a pilot scheme with places at Humboldt University.

Postgraduate placements

Programme availability

Many study abroad programmes depend on incoming/outgoing balance and consequently, the number of places available may vary in any given year. We cannot guarantee that all programmes will be available every academic year.

Programme evaluation

All of our programmes are reviewed annually (a process that includes evaluation of student feedback) and we may withdraw exchanges if staff or students report serious problems. This happens rarely as all of our partners are carefully selected and we maintain good relations with them, but our chief concern is the welfare and experience of all St Andrews students participating in study abroad placements.