A-Z of Wellbeing

A-Z Wellbeing and self-help advice


We can adapt well to the adversity and challenges that life presents us. Whether you are looking for help for yourself, or for a friend, this Wellbeing A-Z offers more specific information about issues that can effect students wellbeing. These pages are updated regularly with new content, and if you have found any ideas or materials that you have found helpful that you would like to share with other students, please drop us an email and recommend it. Please refer to these pages to help you through challenges that are commonly faced by students at university.

If you want to talk to someone, the who to contact page contains contact details for a range of emotional, mental and physical wellbeing services available to you. You can also access the Guide to Support Services (PDF, 8,636 KB) here, to see the full range of support services at the university.

If you are worried about another student (a friend, classmate or flat-mate), you can use our online support form to share your concerns.