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The Chaplaincy is a university department which enhances the life and experience of students and staff in all sorts of ways.

We offer ecumenical worship in the beautiful medieval chapels on Sundays, weekdays, Christmas, graduation, for weddings, and other significant occasions.   All are welcome at these services.

We offer pastoral care for any student or member of staff, regardless of faith or philosophy of life. This could be a sympathetic, confidential listening ear, support in emotional issues, a safe place to explore questions of faith or sexuality, someone to talk to in a crisis, or support when all else fails.

We support people of different faiths, providing honorary chaplains, space in the Chaplaincy building (called Mansefield, across from the Union), and we sponsor the Interfaith Steering Group, which runs wonderfully stimulating events.

We have a range of facilities available for both student groups and individuals, including small and large meeting rooms, kitchen, garden and quiet meditation/prayer spaces.

And we offer a particular programme of hospitality to international students for whom English is not their first language. 

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Chaplaincy and faiths




Chaplaincy Booklet 2019-20 (PDF, 14,570 KB)