Pastoral care

The Chaplain, Revd Dr Donald MacEwan, and Assistant Chaplain, Revd Samantha Ferguson, are available to offer pastoral care for any student or member of staff, regardless of faith or philosophy of life. This could be

  • a sympathetic listening and confidential ear
  • someone to talk to in a crisis
  • a sounding board
  • hospital visits for you or someone you know
  • support in emotional or spiritual issues
  • space to search for the meaning of life
  • support when all else fails
  • space for you to explore your faith or philosophy of life (of whatever kind).

You do not need to be a person of faith to talk to a chaplain, and they will listen in confidence, without judgment, to help you find a way through what you are facing.  To arrange a meeting with either Revd Dr Donald MacEwan or Revd Samantha Ferguson, email their secretaries on or drop by to make an appointment. You are also welcome to contact them directly.  You can meet in person, on Teams or on the phone.  The other members of the Chaplaincy team are also available to meet you on request. 

In case of an emergency, the Chaplain can be contacted on 07713 322036 in the evening or at weekends.

The chaplains also offer confidential and non-judgmental support to people on questions of sexuality, gender, race and ethnicity.

Muslim students with questions relating to their sexuality are also welcome to approach the Honorary Islamic Chaplain to the University, Imam Vali Hussain, The Imaan website also offers support.