Mansefield Building

Situated in Mansefield, opposite the Students' Association, the Chaplaincy is used by a variety of students and staff for quiet and reflection, counselling meetings, and student social activities.

Prayer rooms and events

There are many faith events involving prayer and meditation run from the Mansefield building. These include Muslim Prayers, Buddhist Meditation, Jewish Prayers and more.

Ethos of Mansefield

The ethos of Mansefield is a peaceful setting where people, both as individuals and as groups, can:

  • feel welcomed and respected
  • meet, relax and enjoy company
  • find space to be quiet, pray, meditate and develop spiritually.

Respect for individuals and other groups is crucial when using the building or garden. Nobody should feel that they have been coerced into any activity within a group.

Building rules and information

Before submitting a room booking request you and members of your society, those planning and running the event on the day, must read all sections below and agree to adhere to them.

  • Rooms must be left clean and tidy, without exception. 
  • When food/drink is consumed the floors must be hovered, and all tables wiped down before being put away.
  • All furniture must is tidied away at the end of the event, refer to 'Furniture' section below for details.

Please refer to the 'Waste and Recycling' and 'Kitchen Use Information' sections for expanded information on cleaning requirements. If you do not find it this way, please email the chaplaincy office, and list any issues.

Under no circumstances should furniture, kitchen supplies, (pots, dishes, etc.) or any other items belonging to the Chaplaincy be removed from the building.