Faith and religion

The Chaplaincy provides support for the spiritual and religious needs of all staff and students, irrespective of faith or philosophy of life. While the foundation of the University was Christian and this perspective has pervaded the University's life for centuries, it does not occur at the expense of people of other faiths, who are also warmly welcomed at the University. While the Chaplain is Christian he is also supportive of students and staff practising, expressing and exploring other faiths.

The information below has been prepared by Interfaith Scotland to provide basic information on some of the 'faith communities' who live and worship in Scotland.  Those included on this page are either full members of Interfaith Scotland or have observer status.

The multi-religious nature of Scottish society is now widely accepted and promoted by various individuals, groups, organisations and institutions. The need to be respectful of, and understand this diversity is also acknowledged by the Scottish Parliament and is recognised to be fundamental to the harmony of society whether in a global, national or local context.

It is important that individuals and organisations, particularly those professionally associated with public life in Scotland, have some knowledge of the different faith traditions operating in Scotland, and it is hoped that they, and the general public, will find this information helpful.

This is not a complete picture of the religious communities in Scotland as there is diversity within the religions mentioned and there are also religions not included.