Faith societies

The Chaplaincy offers hospitality to many faith societies. People of different faiths, cultures, traditions and philosophies of life can meet each other for friendship, prayer, meditation, food and lots more. Students are welcome to attend each other’s worship, prayers, services and festivals, and attend each other’s societies. There are also interfaith events, discussions and campaigns.

Those groups and societies most involved with the Chaplaincy are detailed below. Use this page to explore these and get in touch directly. For the full list of student societies and groups, see the Students’ Association website.

If you would like further information about the Chaplaincy and faiths, particularly if you would like the Chaplaincy to support new faith initiatives, email


Buddhist Meditation Group

The Buddhist Meditation Group meets weekly, either on Microsoft Teams or in person, to practice and discuss Buddhist meditation. New members are welcome to contact Daniel Koudouna directly for further details on joining the group.


Buddhist Meditation Group website

Catholic Society

The Catholic Society is designed to foster friendship amongst the Catholic community in St. Andrews. They are to be found at Canmore, the Catholic Chaplaincy on The Scores. Throughout the year they host a wide range of events, including a guest speaker series, reading groups, retreats and a ball.

Facebook: University of St Andrews Catholic Society
Instagram: St Andrews Catholic Society

Catholic Society website

Christian Union

St Andrews University Christian Union (SAUCU) exists to give every student in St Andrews the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ. Main meetings are held every Tuesday at 7:30pm in the Baptist Church. They organise many other things throughout the year such as a carol service, lunch bars, a ball and much more. 

Facebook: St Andrews University Christian Union
Instagram: St Andrews Uni Christian Union

Humanist Society

The University of St Andrews Humanist Society welcomes anybody exploring their beliefs or seeking to challenge their currently held beliefs. 

Humanism is a philosophy of life distinct from theism and supernatural beliefs, which derives our morales and ethics from this world. 

Our meetings currently take the structure of discussing the material sent out in the weekly reading lists. We have discussed topics such as Humanist ceremonies, living a happy and fulfilling life and euthanasia. We have also had speakers in on topics such as donating your body to science. 

Our primary focus is to offer students the opportunity to find out about Humanism in an environment which does not put any pressure on them to subscribe to something they do not believe in. 


Interfaith Steering Group

The Interfaith Steering Group is a group made up of representatives from different faith societies. They work to increase collaboration between faith groups at the university and also host their own events seeking to foster Interfaith cooperation and participation at St Andrews.


Jewish Society

Jewish Society (JSoc) is a welcoming space for Jewish students of all denominations committed to putting on religious, charitable, and social events throughout the year. We hold a range of events from Friday night dinners to socials and celebrating major holidays. 

I: @standrewsjsoc
 St Andrews Jewish Society

Just Love St Andrews

Just Love St Andrews is a group of Christians who equip students to pursue justice with their whole lives. Students are welcome to join in following Jesus' commands to love our neighbour and show mercy. The group has weekly evening gatherings as well as weekly volunteering opportunities and other larger events throughout the semester. As a community, they strive to love the last, the least and the lost (Luke 7) everyday, in everything they do. 

Facebook:  Just Love St Andrews
Instagram: Just Love St Andrews

Muslim Student Association

St Andrews Muslim Student Association meets regularly for prayer, social events and catering for Ramadhan. They are also committed to fundraising for charity.

Facebook: St Andrews Muslim Students Association
Instagram: STAMSA

Pagan Society

The Pagan Society offers a forum for discussion, friendship, and learning. They welcome followers of, or those curious about, Pagan spiritualities such as Wicca and Shamanism, among others.

Facebook: St Andrews Pagan Society

Queer Faith Community

Queer faith community is a friendly and informal space where we chat about both queer and faith experiences. We welcome queer and questioning people (as well as allies) of any faith and/or with any relationship to faith.

Meetings take place once every week for discussion based meet-ups, where everyone is welcome to share as much as they would like about their experiences and questions surrounding the queer faith experience.

Facebook: Queer Faith Community Facebook page

Sikh Society

A welcoming place for all Sikh students, and those who want to learn more about the Sikh religion and Punjabi culture. Hosting a range of events from trips to Dundee Gurdwara, to film nights, from our Diwali evening to Langar on Campus. Feel free to drop them an email or Insta DM to receive details about upcoming events or how to join as a member!  

Instagram: Sikh Society