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Instructions for the Time Allocation Survey (TAS)

  • Access to the on-line TAS diary is password protected, and to gain access you will be asked for your University staff user name and password.
  • Once you are on the TRAC page, click 'My Timesheets' to see a list of the time sheets you are required to complete.
  • Click 'My Research Grant Codes' to view the active research grants in your School, showing Project ID and Sponsor to identify the source of funding for your research activity, where applicable.
  • Click 'View' next to the dates of the respective diary weeks, to get to any of the timesheets. If you prefer you can print off a copy of the page and complete the hours on hard copy, completing the on-line timesheet at the end of the week.
  • Each week shows activities under the main headings: Teaching; Support to Teaching; Research; Support to Research; General Support and Scholarship; Other; Other Clinical Services.
  • Complete the number of hours (rounded to nearest whole number) spent on any of the activities on the timesheet.
  • If an activity is split across categories, where possible, proportionally allocate this to each relevant category eg. a research meeting with RAs, PGRs and UG may require to be split across the three categories of TCH, RPG plus the relevant funded grant.
  • Click 'Save' after you have entered any information. This will save whatever is in the timesheet at that point. You can then return to the timesheet later to add more hours or make changes. If you do not click Save then the data will be lost once you close the timesheet.
  • To make a final submission at the end of the week, click 'Timesheet is complete' box. If you do not tick the 'Timesheet is complete' box, then you will be recorded as not having completed the TAS for that week. Information may be saved but not submitted until this box is ticked.
  • If you wish to make further changes and re-submit after this point you can make changes, then Save, and click 'Timesheet is complete' box again.
  • You are free to complete the form at your convenience at any time during each of the survey weeks. It is recommended that you try to complete the diary by end of each of the selected weeks, so that the data is more reliable. Your timesheet must be submitted within eight weeks of the end of the survey week to be valid.
  • Use your browser's "Back" function to return to the TRAC homepage.

For any technical issues or problems with access to the TAS please contact Hamish Lawson in BI

For problems with Grant codes or TRAC activity definitions please contact Kathryn Davidson in Finance


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