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Financial year-end timetable for year ending 31 July 2019

With the end of the financial year approaching, it is essential to complete the annual accounts preparation process as smoothly as possible. By ensuring an efficient close to the old year, we should be able to move into the new financial year with the minimum of delay and disruption. The Finance Department therefore seeks the support of all Schools and Units in the areas noted below.

If you are involved with creating or approving financial transactions, you may find it helpful to print the summary page in the Financial year-end 2018-19 guidelines (PDF, 471 KB), highlight any deadlines which are relevant for you, and use this to plan any work that may need to be done around this busy time. Please remember to incorporate any local staff holidays into your planning.

If you have any queries, or if you have any difficulties with meeting the deadlines set out in this memo, please get in touch with either:



Any queries relating to purchases or purchase invoices should be directed to Finance (Accounts Payable) by emailing

POM invoices

APTOS POM users should ensure that orders relating to goods/services which were received on or before 31 July 2019 have been receipted on the system by 31July 2019. 

The related invoice should be received by Accounts Payable by10am on Thursday 1 August 2019 if possible and by 5pm on Tuesday 6August at the very latest.

Invoices on workflow (e-authorisations)

All workflow invoices relating to goods/services which were received before 31 July 2019 should be approved on workflow by10am Thursday 1 August 2019 if possible and by 5pm on Tuesday 6August at the very latest.

 If you could please try to review your Aptos workflow regularly in the run up to the year-end, that would be extremely helpful. 

Manual (non-POM) invoices

All non-POM invoices where the goods and/or services were delivered or received on or before 31July 2019 should be authorised, coded and passed to Accounts Payable, Old Burgh School, Abbey Walk at the earliest opportunity, by10am Thursday 1 August 2019 if possible and by 5pm on Tuesday 6 August at the very latest. 

Note: If you could speak to suppliers in advance of 31 July in order to get any outstanding invoices in as quickly as possible, that would be very helpful.

Missing purchase invoices?

Where goods and/or services have been received before 31 July 2019, but no invoice has been received, you should provide information including the likely cost and appropriate financial code to your respective FAS e-mail addresses no later than 5pm Tuesday 6th August 2019. 

Disputed invoices

All invoices should be passed to Accounts Payable for registering onto APTOS in a timely fashion – they should not be withheld from accounts payable under any circumstances.

Where an invoice is disputed, please notify Accounts Payable immediately via so that the reason for the dispute is noted and to ensure that payment is withheld until the matter is resolved.

Staff expense claims

The cut-off date for HR (Salaries) is Tuesday 16 July 2019.  Every effort should be made to ensure that both paper and online expense claims / receipts are passed to HR (Salaries) by this date to ensure that they are processed into the correct financial year.

Any July claims that miss this cut-off date should be sent to HR (Salaries) as quickly as possible after the year-end, and by no later than 1pm Tuesday 6 August 2019 so that the costs can be accrued into the correct financial year. If you could please write "2018/19" at the top of the paper claims and likewise for the online claims incorporate “2018/19” in the description field, that would be very helpful. 

Non-staff expense claims (including student claims)

All non-staff expense claims for 2018-19 should be passed to Accounts Payable as quickly as possible and by 10am Thursday 1 August 2019 if possible and by 5pm on Tuesday 6 August at the very latest.

Credit cards

Could Lloyds credit card holders please ensure that all transactions are fully completed and fully approved by 1pm on Wednesday 7th August 2019.

If you have any queries, please contact the credit card administrator on (

Sales and income

Sales – general info

Please ensure that we raise a sales invoice / request to invoice for any work done before 31 July 2019 by the dates below.   This is so that we can recognise the income in the correct financial period.  

Invoices for work done / services provided after 31 July 2019 should not be invoiced until after 1st August 2019.

Any queries should be directed toJaneen Hughes (Ext. 2574, e-mail 

Requests to invoice

Fully completed sales invoice requests relating to Financial Year 2018/19 should be received by the Finance Department before 1pm Wednesday 31 July 2019. If any delays are anticipated please advise Janeen as early as possible using the contact details above.

APTOS invoices

All 2018-19 sales invoices entered directly onto APTOS should be completed and batched before 1pm on Wednesday 31 July 2019. If any delays are anticipated please advise Janeen as early as possible using the contact details above.

Missed the sales cut-off?

If after 31July you realise that an invoice should have been sent but it hasn't been; please forward the details to no later than 1pm Tuesday 6August 2019 so that the income can be accrued to your cost centre.

Cash and banking

Banking income

If your cash is not collected by the University’s cash collection provider (Loomis), then it should be taken to Finance (The ASC), 79 North Street, by 10am on Monday 29 July 2019.  

Petty cash

All Schools and Units with petty cash floats should bring along their receipts etc. and 'top-up' their float at The ASC, 79 North Street, by 10am on Monday 29 July 2019.

Internal charges and journals

All internal invoices and journals must be received by Financial Advice and Support at The Gateway at the earliest opportunity and no later than 10am Monday 5 August 2019.

If any delays are anticipated, please advise your relevant FAS team by School or Unit.

Year-end stock-taking

Schools and Units who carry stock are written to separately with stocktaking instructions for the coming year. If you have stock, but have not received such instructions, or believe that you hold stocks which should be included in these arrangements, please contact Gillian Sinclair (e-mail, phone +44 (0)1334 46 2579). 

Contacts and further information

Should you have any queries regarding any of the year-end processes please do not hesitate to contact the following:

Contact details for queries relating to any of the sections above are contained in Appendix I.

Thank you

Preparing the year-end financial statements and preparing for audit is very much a team effort, involving all Schools and Units. Your help with meeting these deadlines is very much appreciated by the Finance team.


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