Confidentiality and data protection

It is crucial that researchers respect the confidentiality of, and data provided by, their participants in an ethically and legally appropriate manner. This means thinking about how to safely and appropriately store and manage participants' data before any data is collected.

This page details the key information for researchers to consider in relation to participant data.

Other sources of information relating to collecting and managing research data include:

No matter what type of data you collect, it is always important that your participant information sheet (PIS) (Word) and consent form (Word) provide clear and consistent information to participants about their data and offer them an appropriate right to withdraw data, and that this information is consistent with what is written in your ethical review application form (Word).

If you're working with existing or secondary datasets consider the guidance on the ethics topic Secondary data.

If personal data relating to research participants have been lost, stolen, or accidentally deleted, researchers must contact immediately as the law requires that the University record such instances.