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About Registry

Academic Registry is a core professional unit of the University. It supports students, Schools, senior management and external stakeholders through its administration of the student record; from application to graduation. 

Registry is responsible for managing the operations which support the student journey and experience, from application through conversion, matriculation, progression and award.

To provide a high level of support, the unit is split into the following specialist areas:

  • Visas and compliance
  • Policy and regulatory compliance
  • Student journey
  • Student support
  • Fees
  • Curriculum
  • Data and records
  • Assessments and awards
  • Scholarships
  • Student conduct
  • Projects

Our Values

  1. Registry thrives in an environment of respect, tolerance and inclusion, fostering a culture of cross-team working and continuous learning and training
  2. Registry strives to deliver a professional, expert service in all activities and communications, conducting our business to the highest standards
  3. Registry is an innovative and resourceful Unit which looks for opportunities to develop relationships, processes and systems to shape and improve University services for the benefit of all
  4. Registry seeks to maximise institutional opportunities by engaging with external stakeholders in order to inform debates and influence developments, and encourage best practice across the sector
  5. Registry encourages all staff to identify and exploit opportunities for professional development

Please see Contact us for full details of team contacts.

Walter Bower House
Eden Campus
Main Street
KY16 0US