Winter Graduation friend credits

Thank you Lucas. The St Andrews memories we've made will shape our friendship forever.

Robin El Kady

Thanksgiving services

Short services of thanksgiving will be held each day during graduation week. All are welcome to attend. 

Graduation receptions

The University hosts a celebratory graduation reception each day of graduation for graduating students and their guests.


University merchandise as well as photography and video services are available throughout graduation.

Previous graduation ceremonies

Discover an archive of graduation addresses, laureation addresses and photo galleries from previous graduation ceremonies. 

Friendship highlights

A story of JM Barrie's inspiring and tragic friendship with Captain Scott of the Antarctic.


Liria Hernández and Paloma Gay y Blasco have challenged academic orthodoxy and placed friendship at the centre of research.


An insight into the friendship between James David Forbes (Principal of the United College, St Andrews, 1959-1968) and Sir George Biddell Airy.


A special photo series which celebrates what makes St Andrews connections so unique and enduring.


There are many examples of friendships successfully sustained, that have enriched St Andrews and its connections.


Since human beings painted on cave walls, humanity has expressed a drive to communicate with one another – to connect.