Question: Can Students sign up to groups automatically?

Staff can create a ‘Group Signup’ tool to allow students to automatically sign up for a group. To create the tool:

  • Access the Module Overview page for the module (by clicking the module title on the Modules page or search for the module using the ‘Search’ function at the top right of the Modules page)
  • Scroll down to the Tool section
  • In the list of tools tick the checkbox to the right of the ‘Student group sign-up’ tool (last option in the Occasional section) and then click the ‘Create Tools’ button

A new row will appear in the tools table. If you have more than one group type ensure the correct group type is listed in the ‘Group Type’ drop down lists (if changes are made remember to save using the ‘Update Tools’ button

Once the tool has been created it can then be configured:

  • Navigate to the Signup Overview by clicking the ‘Go To Overview’ link in the tool table
  • Click the ‘Configure’ icon in the type right
  • Enter the default number of students that can signup to each group (the number of students in each group can be configured using the ‘Group Maximum Sizes’ section below)
  • Set a Start Date from which students can start to sign up
  • Set a Freeze date from which students can no longer swap groups
  • Click the ‘Save Configuration’ button

NOTE: By default students can switch groups until the Freeze date and students who have not signed up are still able to join a group. To prevent students from swapping groups and to prevent late students from signing up make sure the first tick box beneath the freeze date is checked.