1. Introduction

The Online Class Test tool has been created in MMS, to allow students to take class tests online.
The tool will:

  • Allow students to access their test papers at the appropriate time and then submit their test script within their personal class test allowance, which is based on class test duration and any per-student time requirements.
  • Allow submission of class test scripts to Turnitin.
  • Allow individual and bulk download of class test scripts for marking.
  • Allow staff to type comments and upload feedback as marker responses.

The tool functionality can be further enhanced if paired with an Exam tool to:

  • Allow students to select which optional questions they have answered.
  • Allow staff to enter marks directly into the Online Class Test tool.

This guide covers:

1      Introduction.

2      Online Class Test tool Configuration.

2.1       Creating a new Online Class Test tool

2.2       Configuring the Online Class Test tool

2.3       Marking resources and optional questions.

2.4       Per-student alterations.

3      Student access to Online Class Test tool

4      Class test scripts and Marker responses.

4.1       Downloading test scripts.

4.2       Viewing Turnitin Scores.

4.3       Adding Marker responses.

4.4       Viewing Marker Responses.

4.5       Deleting Marker Responses

5      Entering Marks.

5.1       Manual Mark entry.

5.2       Spreadsheet Mark upload.


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