1. Attendance Tracking Tool


The Attendance tool, which appears as the 'Tutorial Attendance' tool by default, is used to track attendance data for groups in a module  (swipe card attendance is handled by another tool). Each Attendance tool is associated with a group type (the default being the Tutorial group type) and students can be marked as either 'Attending', 'Absent - Approved Reason', 'Absent - Unapproved Reason'.

This Guide

This guide was written to be a comprehensive guide for staff, both administrative and pedagogical. The guide comprises of <__________> chapters broken down into sections. Some sections are labeled 'Advanced'. Advanced information is not usually needed for everyday use of MMS but may be of interest.

One thing to remember about using MMS is that much of what is available to you will depend on your role, so some material in this guide may cover aspects of MMS which you do not have access to. If you feel you are missing something please contact the administrator for your school who will ensure you have the correct role.