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Dr Olaf Almqvist

Lecturer in Greek & Classical Studies

Dr Andrea L. Brock

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Dr Jon Hesk


Homeric epic; Greek tragedy and comedy; Thucydides; Athenian oratory and Greek rhetorical theory; ancient democracy and its modern legacy; the application of political science and psychology to the texts and culture of Athenian democracy; the influence of ancient drama on contemporary British theatre.

Dr Alice König

Senior Lecturer

Latin literature, Roman Empire, Nerva/Trajan/Hadrian, intertextuality, literary interactions, cross-cultural interactions, technical writing, history of science, battle narratives, visualising war.

Prof Jason König


Greek literature and culture of the Roman empire; late Hellenistic, early Christian and late antique literature; place, landscape and environment in ancient and modern culture; ancient encyclopaedic, scientific and miscellanistic writing; the literature and culture of the symposium; ancient athletics.

Dr Myles Lavan

Deputy Head of School

Director of Impact

Director of Research


Political, social and cultural history of the Roman empire; imperialism; slavery; citizenship; quantitative methods

Dr Carlos Machado

Senior Lecturer

Rome and Italy; late antiquity; cities and civic life; latin epigraphy; urban space.

Dr Alexandra Madela

Associate Lecturer in Greek & Classical Studies

Prof Roger Rees

Head of the School of Classics



Mr Kristian Kanstrup Christensen


Dr Manlio Fossati

Dr Nikoletta Manioti

Visiting Scholar

Sisters; Epic; Roman women; Myth; Representation of space in literature


Dr Colin McLaren