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Dr Juan Coderch

Senior Language Tutor in Greek and Latin
Health & safety coordinator

Phone: 01334 462611

Room: C27

Research profile

Research Interests

All subjects related to both classical languages and their grammar, including composition in both of them and their usage as live languages.

Production of language-related materials

My main interest has always been the teaching and learning of both classical languages. To this end, I have written this series of six books, three per language:

  • Classical Greek: A New Grammar (2012) ISBN 978-0-9571387-0-4
  • Greek: A New Grammar – Book of exercises (2016) ISBN 978-0-9571387-1-1
  • Intermediate Greek Vocabulary in Context (2018) ISBN 978-0-9571387-5-9
  • Latin: A New Grammar  (2013) ISBN 978-0-9571387-2-8
  • Latin: A New Grammar  –  Book of exercises (2015) ISBN 978-0-9571387-3-5
  • Intermediate Latin Vocabulary in Context (2018) ISBN 978-0-9571387-6-6

Note: All these books may be downloaded for free as PDFs from my web site.

Current research projects

A series of Latin texts and another series of Greek texts with reading help (vocabulary, difficult structures, etc.) provided in the same language as the text (Greek/Latin).

Other activities: I am part of the the Qualification Design Team for Classical Languages for the Scottish Qualification Authority. I am co-supervising a doctoral thesis about the teaching of Latin language. I publish book reviews for academic journals (Digressus and The Classical Review), and I also maintain a web site of World News and articles in Ancient Greek: Akropolis World News  



Greek and Latin languages at all levels.

Academic Career


  • Graduate (5-year degree) in Classical Philology (1985, Univ. of Barcelona)
  • Master of Arts in Greek (1986, Univ. of Sheffield)
  • Ph.D. in Classical philology (1991, Univ. of Barcelona)


  • Lector in Greek and Latin (2003-2007, Language Teaching Team, Univ. of Oxford)
  • Lecturer in Greek in Merton College, Univ. of Oxford (2005-2006, simultaneously with the position of Lector)
  • Senior Language Tutor in Greek and Latin, Univ. of St. Andrews (since 2007)

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