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Dr Carlos Machado

Senior Lecturer in Ancient History
Director of the Centre for Late Antique Studies, Director of taught postgraduate studies, La Sapienza joint degree coordinator

Phone: 2603

Room: C30

Research profile

Research Interests

  • The city of Rome
  • Roman cities and civic life in the western Mediterranean
  • Late Roman religious life
  • Latin Epigraphy, especially in Late Antiquity
  • Late antique social and cultural history

In my work, I try to combine different types of evidence, and recent research has led me to deal extensively with the epigraphic and material cultures of Italy, especially the so-called statue-habit. I am also interested in ancient urbanism and civic life, particularly in the western Mediterranean, as this allows me to explore the relationship between the spread of the epigraphic habit and the cultural and social integration of the empire, as well as taking into account the importance of local cultures. Teaching commitments and a new research project have led me to explore the religious history of late antique Rome, with a particular focus on the relationship between religious change and urban space.

Current Research

  • At the moment, I am completing a book entitled Urban Space and Aristocratic Power in late antique Rome (270-535), in which I explore the relationship between social/political power and urban space in the former imperial capital. 
  • My current research deals with the relationship between religious changes and urban space in imperial Rome, from the third to the seventh century A.D. 
  • I am still working on the material related to my previous research on the late antique statue-habit (the practice of setting up honorific statues in the public spaces of classical cities), with a special focus on the cities of Italy and North Africa.

Research Students

I am happy to supervise students in any of the areas mentioned above, and in many other areas of Roman imperial history and archaeology. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss possible projects at any time. 



Besides teaching on different sub-honours modules, I teach an honours module on “Religious Communities in Late Antiquity”, and I will soon teach one on “The City in Late Antiquity”.

Academic Career

After having studied for a BA and a MSc in History in Brazil, I moved to Oxford, where I did a PhD in Ancient History (2006). I spent a few years in Rome doing research at the British School at Rome, until I moved to the University of Heidelberg as an Alexander von Humboldt fellow (2009). I was a lecturer in Ancient History at the Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (2010-2013) and at the Universidade de Sao Paulo (2013-2014), Brazil, and I joined the School of Classics in January 2015.

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