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U-Skills is a programme of skills development workshops and activities to help you during your undergraduate degree.

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This academic year we have over 50 workshops supporting your studies and beyond, from developing your academic writing with our expert team, to improving your communication skills with a former hostage negotiator, to understanding the impact of climate change with leading practitioners. Our workshops are arranged into 6 themes:

  • Academic
  • Digital
  • Confidence and leadership
  • Creative and entrepreneurial 
  • Sustainability 
  • Communication and engagement

Some workshops will take place on campus whilst others will be held online.

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Graduate Attribute Portal

Our innovative Graduate Attributes portal helps you track and understand what skills you are developing or already have. Start building your bespoke skills profile, which is perfect for recording your progress and supporting applications for internships and jobs!

Book an Academic Development Community 1-1 tutorial

Our ADC offers 1-1 tutorials on a range of skills for learning, including study skills, academic English language, and Maths and Statistics.

Booking for 1-1 tutorials will be open soon.

Academic Skills Project

Our Academic Skills Project workshops provide you with academic skills training specific to your discipline designed and delivered my PhD students in your school.

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

The opportunity to gain a recognised qualification in Microsoft Office is available to all staff and students at the University through our certification programme.


Coaching is a way to set and reach some goals for yourself. A coach is a trained professional who helps you think things through by asking a mixture of supportive and challenging questions.