CEED Office directions

The CEED offices are within the Hebdomadars Block, which is located within St Salvador's Quad, North Street.  On the University map, CEED is No. 47 (J2): http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/media/university/maps/wwwmap.pdf

Enter the building by either: 

  • the door immediately to your left as you enter the Quad through the arch.  (this is the main entrance to CEED).
  • the Porters Lodge, which is on North Street beside St Salvators Church.

The CEED Administration Office is located on the ground floor of the building, immediately to the right as you enter the building via the main door (no need to knock).  Please report to the office on arrival.

Workshop venue directions

CEED uses a variety of venues around the University for the workshops (mainly the C5 Seminar Room, Bute Building).  Please find below directions for the venues used by CEED, there are also grid references for the Map of University and St Andrews (PDF, 143 KB) to show the location of the venues.  The map can be printed if needed.

C5 seminar room (Bute Building)

Located in St Mary's Quad, South Street.  The main entrance to St Mary's Quad can be found on South Street through the arched gate, above which reads "In principio erat verbum". The entrance is located at the bottom of the Quad.  (University map reference: 70 - K4)

Butts Wynd PC Classroom

Access is via the main entrance in Butts Wynd – third entrance door on the left coming from North Street. The lab is located on the ground floor, along the corridor to the right of the main staircase. It is the last room at the end of the corridor. (University map reference: 39 - J2)

Swallowgate PC Classroom

Located in the Swallowgate Building (School of Classics) on the corner of Butts Wynd and The Scores. (University map reference: 40 - J2)

The Gateway Building

The Gateway is located on the North Haugh - it is the circular building close to the main road which houses the School of Management. Access is via the main door to the Building. (University map reference: 18 - F2)

Parliament Hall

Scottish Parliament sat here in 1645 to 1646.
Located in St Mary’s College, South Street. Access directly from pavement of South Street and not from St Mary’s Quadrangle. (University map reference: 67 - K3)