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CEED Staff Profiles

The following profiles are for all the staff that work within CEED, contact details for each member of staff has been given.  For general office enquiries, please contact the General Office: +44 (01334) 46 2141.

Image of Margaret Adamson.

Margaret Adamson

Head of Learning Technology & IT Skills Development

T: +44 (1334) 467174


Margaret’s role is to lead and support the strategic development of technology enhanced learning across the University by championing pedagogical engagement. This involves the design, development, and delivery of high quality programs of training, covering a range of learning technologies, including centrally supported systems. She also has oversight of the delivery of the IT Training strand of CEED’s activities.


  • Working with Schools/Units to develop the use of Moodle to support teaching, learning and assessment for both on- and off-campus learners
  • Designing and delivery learning technology events to encourage collaborative working across the institution
  • Investigating and evaluating new technologies and disseminating good practice across the institution
  • Managing and coordinating IT Skills Training provision


I graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a degree in Scots Law, and Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice in 1992, and went on to take a Diploma in Management from the University of Dundee in 1996 whilst working in HR for a local firm in Dundee. My career in learning technology started at the University of Dundee, where I worked on the development of the University’s transferable skills website, Advance@Dundee. I then moved to the University of Aberdeen to a Learning Technologist post, and from there was tempted back to Dundee to the post of Senior Learning Technologist 18 months later. I was in post in Dundee for 13 years, with responsibility for the design, implementation, development and support of the institutional VLE (Blackboard) and associated learning technologies.  This was a varied role, involving systems administration, creative project work with academics and a large staff development component (including leading a module - Learning & Teaching Online - on the PGCertTHE programme). I look forward to the challenge of using this experience in a new environment, and to sharing my passion for technology enhanced learning with staff and students at St. Andrews.

Dr Aisling Crean

Learning Technologist



Dr. Aisling Crean is a Learning Technologist at the Centre for Educational Enhancement and Development (CEED).


  • Promoting and supporting the effective, appropriate, and evidence-based use of University-provided technologies and services in support of teaching, learning and assessment.

  • Providing technical and pedagogic support for staff in the areas of VLE development, instructional design, content development, digital assessment, classroom technologies, and teaching space design.

  • Evaluating the use of emerging learning technologies, involving all stakeholders, producing and disseminating reports as requested; and providing appropriate follow-up support to individual academic staff.

  •  Contributing to the development of our Technology Enhanced Learning space by identifying and evaluating new technologies that could be showcased there; and by providing staff with induction and support in using the space.
  •  Championing new approaches to the use of technology, by working hands-on with teaching staff to enhance and embed the use of technology and drive the implementation of innovative teaching methods.
  • Designing, promoting, and delivering face-to-face and online training opportunities; and providing associated support materials, both print and online.



After completing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy at Trinity College, Dublin, I took a M.Litt. in Philosophy the University of St Andrews, a MSc. at the University of Edinburgh, and then a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the Research School of Social Sciences at the Australian National University. I then took up a two-year post as a Teaching Fellow (Associate Lecturer) in the Philosophy Department here at the University of St Andrews, followed by a one-year post as a Lecturer in Moral and Political Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. Before joining CEED, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, on two British Academy funded projects on trust and trustworthiness in corporations: the first focused on trust and corporate governance; the second focused on corporate duties to be trustworthy. During my time at the Blavatnik School of Government, I also taught on the Masters of Public Policy degree, and developed an interest in policy-making as a result.


While working at CEED, I am also currently studying part-time and online for a PGCE in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh. I am especially interested in the role of the teacher in the new digital environment, and the way technology can be used to support and enhance teaching. I’m also interested in the intelligent and trustworthy use of learning analytics, and in policy-making in education that is fit for the digital age. These interests frequently feed into my work as a Learning Technologist with CEED. I look forward to the challenge of using my expertise and experience in this new environment, and to sharing my interests in digital education and technology enhanced learning with staff and students at St. Andrews.

Lindsay Donnelly

Learning Technologist



Lindsay supports and develops the services of the University’s technology enhanced learning team.

This includes ensuring the successful implementation of the Technology Enhanced Learning strategy across Schools and Units.


Key duties include:

  1. Promoting and supporting the effective and appropriate use of University-provided technologies in teaching, learning and assessment.

  2. Providing technical and pedagogic support for staff in areas such as VLE development, content development and digital assessment, for example.

  3. Designing, promoting and delivering face-to-face and online training opportunities, and providing associated support materials.

  4. Championing new approaches to the use of technology by working hands-on with teaching staff.


My educational background is in science and human anatomy. I achieved my Integrated Master’s in Forensic Anthropology in 2014, where I undertook research on superficial vein patterns.

I then moved into the world of IT in the Higher Education setting, taking up two successive roles at the University of Dundee as an internal communications specialist.

In January 2020, I joined the University of St Andrews as a Learning Technologist.

An image of Sonny Evans.

Sonny Evans

IT Training Developer

T: +44 (1334) 462591


Sonny develops and delivers a programme of IT training workshops and options to build on your IT skills.  She utilises a number of different delivery mediums such as instructor-lead courses; online resources; 1:1 training, all of which are on a range of general IT and software specific topics.

Her responsibilities include:

  • Design, deliver and coordinate a comprehensive IT training programme covering the University’s supported desktop productivity software for all staff and research post-graduate students. This programme is designed to improve the effective use of technology and with that, productivity.

  • Offer a bespoke service for delivering customized IT training to cater to specific needs across the University.

  • Administer the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification programme, an industry-standard IT qualification to accredit desktop IT skills.

  • Maintain and administer the University’s subscription to the Microsoft IT Academy, an online resource for multimedia e-learning courses.

  • Collaborate with IT Services on training projects to address areas of need as identified by Helpdesk audits and the ever-evolving service strategy.


Sonny comes from a science background, taking a degree in Marine Biology and spending 10 years in bio-medical research. A PG Certificate in IT heralded a move into teaching and as a Teaching Fellow in the School of Computer Science, had been developing courses and lecturing on Information Technology and the social and ethical impact of computer technology for 11 years prior to joining CAPOD in Sept 2011. In addition to her degrees and post-graduate qualification, Sonny holds a Microsoft Office Specialist Master qualification.

EHarris profile

Dr Eilidh Harris

Student Developer

T: +44 (1334) 467175


Eilidh works alongside the Head of Student Development to deliver CEED’s development service for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students, which includes academic, professional and IT Skills.  She is primarily responsible for elements of the academic skills strand of this provision.


Please note that Eilidh works part-time; her working days are Monday- Wednesday


  • Project managing the Academic Skills Project, a series of subject specific academic skills workshops delivered by PhD students.
  • Coordinating CEED’s pool of Maths/Stats and Academic Skills tutors.
  • Delivering 1:1 Academic Skills sessions.
  • Design and delivery of bespoke academic skills workshops to a variety of cohorts.
  • Assisting with the design and delivery of professional skills workshops.
  • Supporting Educational Development when required.


After studying to Masters level at the University of Edinburgh, I came to St Andrews to undertake a PhD in Mediaeval History, which I completed in 2014.  During my PhD I tutored in the School of History and helped co-establish a programme of academic skills workshops, which helped fuel my interest in teaching and skills development.  I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and, in other guises, I have worked for a well-being charity in Edinburgh focussed on supporting young people, and have worked with secondary school pupils both as a private tutor and through assisting with Silver and Gold level Duke of Edinburgh expeditions.

Daryl Haynes

Lecture Capture Coordinator

T: +44 (1334) 467158


Daryl's main role as the University's Lecture Capture Coordinator is to provide one-to-one and drop in support for users.  His areas of responsibility for Lecture Capture are Staff Development & Training; Systems Administration; Communication & Marketing, Promotion of Lecture Capture and he also plays a role in other TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) activities.

Lecture Capture Responsibilities

Staff Development & Training

Systems Administration

  • Provisioning modules and assigning rights
  • Monitoring recordings in progress
  • Monitoring and recovering unprocessed recordings from teaching PCs
  • Recovering recordings within Panopto
  • Documenting Sys Admin procedures
  • Supporting the School of Medicine with transition from Echo360
  • Creating and managing support tickets with Panopto

Communications & Marketing

  • Ensuring signage is present in teaching venues
  • Reporting on uptake (monthly)
  • Updating blog (including interviewing staff)
  • Liaising with Media Services

Other TEL Activities

  • Testing new systems/apps
  • Testing of Clickers
  • Creating additional User Stories (
  • Moodle conversions
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Undertaking an individual project



I graduated from the University of Dundee in 2009 with a BSc in Interactive media Design. During university there was a strong focus on taking a design from initial conception to finished product. Having gone through this process many times I have an understanding of common problems that can arise throughout the design process and how to mitigate or solve them. I have a strong focus on user centred design. I have experience working with companies to develop requirements and using these requirements to develop the best solution possible.

After Graduating I worked For Dundee United FC as a media tech and maintaining their website. From there I started my own web design and graphics company that I ran for about 2 years. After this I started as a Media technician at the University of St Andrews. Working at the University has allowed me to grow and expand my knowledge of AV equipment and gain good understanding of how it can be used to enhance both teaching and learning.

With the ever increasing rate at which technology is evolving I have found that it is beginning to drive and shape new teaching methods and learning strategies focusing heavily on AV technologies and Online learning resources. This experience is now being put to use in my role as the university’s lecture capture coordinator. Having had a big interest in technology enhanced learning due to being a dyslexic student at university, my current roll gives me the chance to push these technologies to give our students the best learning experience possible.

Sherrill Keefe

CEED Administrator

T: +44 (1334) 462141


Sherrill is a full time employee for CEED coordinating the academic tutoring appointments, administrating the family of ‘Passports to Excellence’ programmes, while providing general reception and regular ad hoc administrative support for the members of the CEED unit.  


  • Scheduling 1:1 academic appointments and day to day coordination with PGR tutors
  • Management of tutor rooms
  • Academic Skills Project administration
  • PDMS course attendance management
  • ILM liaison
  • GRADskills communications and marketing
  • In-house visual communication design work
  • Production of award certificates
  • Module board meeting minutes
  • Equipment inventory and hire logs
  • Study skills book inventory management
  • WordPress memos
  • CEED leaflet distribution
  • Unit representative for promotional events
  • Reception and other general administrative duties


After graduating with a BA in Classical and Sacred Music, Sherrill spent a decade volunteering and seeking creative opportunities on the side while working full time in the finance and NGO sectors. In 2014 Sherrill earned a BFA in 2D Studio Fine Art and is currently a part time master’s student in the School of Art History’s Museum and Gallery Studies degree programme.

Diane MacLachlan

CEED Administrator



Diane is responsible for coordinating 1:1 student tutoring appointments and administrative support for the management of workshops, while providing reception and administrative support for CEED.


Please note: Diane’s working hours are 08:45-17:00 - Monday, Thursday and Friday.


  • Front-line reception

  • Administrative support for the academic skills service such as scheduling 1:1 student tutoring appointments, managing weekly drop-in tutoring sessions and managing tutor rooms

  • Reviewing and updating webpage content

  • Creating and distributing promotional materials

  • Representation and administrative support for University events

  • Administrative support for managing workshops

  • Administrative support for some financial operations

  • General administrative duties and support

Hayley Mathews

CEED & Laidlaw Scholarship Programme Administrator

T: +44 (1334) 467458


Hayley delivers administration of the Laidlaw Scholarship programme.  In addition she provides  administration and support for CEED one day a week.


  • First point of contact for Laidlaw Scholarship Programme enquiries

  • Event management: support the organisation of Laidlaw events including the annual Poster Event, Briefing Session and Laidlaw Conference

  • Marketing: providing support for the promotion and marketing of the Laidlaw Scholarship Programme to students and the wider University community

  • Financial management: logging and reporting all financial, funding and procurement transactions of the programme including timely payment of stipend to scholars

  • Recruitment: administration of the recruitment process from initial enquiry to final award, liaising with SER and the judging panel

  • Reporting: collating and reporting on demographics of student applications. Registering scholars with ILM and ensuring accurate recording and reporting of progress

  • Works with PDMS to administer and manage workshops/events

  • Website/social media: updating and maintaining the programme webpage and social media platforms

  • Bulk uploads onto PDMS

  • Provides support at CEED events such as University Open and Offer Holders Days


Having spent most of my working life involved in crop research, I took a career break in 2009 to concentrate on raising my family. I decided a change of career was the way forward for me, and after a short spell serving as a special constable for Police Scotland, I returned to college and recently completed an HND in Accounting while working as an accounts assistant. I joined the University in December 2019 as the Laidlaw Administrator within CAPOD, and can also be found on CAPOD reception on a Tuesday.

An image of Heather.

Dr Heather McKiggan-Fee

Head of Educational Development

T: +44 (1334) 462334


Heather is responsible for facilitating effective teaching and academic practice across the University (including support for HEA Fellowship applications), developing and supporting research postgraduates who teach, and coordinating and developing the GRADskills development programme for research postgraduate students.

As an Educational Developer, I support effective teaching across the University in a variety of ways: I design and deliver workshops and modules for postgraduate tutors/demonstrators and academic staff, support staff who are preparing applications for HEA Fellowship, and chair the McCall MacBain Teaching Excellence Award judging panel. 

As a Postgraduate Researcher Developer, I work with the research postgraduate community and academic staff (eg Provost's Office, Directors of Postgraduate Studies) to define transferable skills development needs and evaluate existing development opportunities, as well as working with the providers of courses and other development activities to ensure that they are as effective as possible.  I manage the GRADskills Programme and the GRADskills Innovation Grants.

Specific areas of work include:

  • Designing and delivering the bi-annual mandatory training workshops for all new postgraduate tutors and demonstrators.

  • Designing and delivering two 10-credit, taught postgraduate modules which are open to all staff (including postgraduate tutors and demonstrators) involved in teaching or supporting student learning.

  • Supporting staff preparing individual route applications for HEA Fellowship.

  • Chairing the McCall MacBain Teaching Excellence Award judging panel and managing the fund.

  • Providing briefings to staff and students on the Good Academic Practice policy.

  • Facilitating learning communities and networks across the University.

  • Managing the GRADskills Programme of transferable skills workshops and networking events.

  • Designing and facilitating the annual Postgraduate Researcher Induction events.

  • Providing research postgraduate networking events within and between Schools and across institutions.

  • Chairing the GRADskills Innovation Grant judging panel and managing the fund.

  • Working to implement and embed the Vitae Researcher Development Framework as a basis for researcher development within the University.

Additional Information

I represent CEED on the following internal committees/working groups:

  • Postgraduate Research Committee
  • Research Integrity Committee

  • HR Excellence in Research working group

I represent the University on the following external committees/organisations:

  • Institutional Management Group of Scottish Higher Educational Developers (SHED - practitioner network)

  • Heads of Educational Development Group

  • Universities Scotland Researcher Training sub-committee

  • Scottish Higher Education Researcher Developers (ScotHERD - practitioner network)


I hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. I came to St Andrews in 1991 to do my Doctorate in Psychology, which I completed in 1995. There followed a series of fixed-term contracts in the School of Psychology, as Demonstrator, Research Fellow on a project to assess safety awareness training in the nuclear industry, and Teaching Fellow.

Following my contracts in the School of Psychology (Oct 1996 - May 2000) I worked with Dr Colin Mason as Research Fellow in Learning & Teaching on a SHEFC-funded project (May 2000 - Jan 2002). The MAPPING project developed a set of resources to help staff developers and lecturers create reflective portfolios to demonstrate their skills in and approach to teaching/training, research, administration and management in a variety of contexts.  After that I worked six months half-time at the University of Paisley as a Lecturer in Psychology, and concurrently half-time at SALTIRE as Web Development Consultant. I started full-time as Web and Educational Development Consultant in SALTIRE in Sept 2002.

My role evolved over the years till my focus was entirely Educational Development.  After CAPOD was formed in 2011 by the merger of SALTIRE, GRADskills and Staff Development units, I took on the co-ordination of GRADskills and became Educational and Postgraduate Researcher Developer.


Publications/Conference Papers

  1. McKiggan-Fee, H., Walsh, L., Hacking, B., & Ballantyne, G. 2013 Sep 30. Postgraduates who teach: a forgotten tribe? Not here!. Practice and Evidence of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education [Online] 8:2.

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Dr Shruti Narayanswamy

Entrepreneurial Education Coordinator



I provide a range of administrative and clerical activities in support of Entrepreneurial Education within CEED. This includes providing coordination and assistance to the Entrepreneurial Education Working Group and administering the Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) initiative at the University under the guidance of the VIP Director.


I am originally from Mumbai, India and I moved to St Andrews in 2015 to undertake my doctoral studies. I have a Masters in Advertising and Marketing Communications from Bournemouth University and an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from Mumbai University. I received my PhD in Film Studies from the University of St Andrews in 2020. Previous to my current role, I worked as a Study Skills tutor, PGR Project officer and Administrator for CEED during my PhD studies. 

Alexander Stanley

Student Developer (Leadership)

T: +44 (1334) 467459


Alex is responsible for the Leadership component of the Laidlaw Scholarship Programme. Amongst other things, this includes the planning and coordinating as well as organisation, facilitation and delivery of the programme’s leadership development aspects.


Prior to his current role, Alex was Programme Leader for the Saints Leadership Programme – developing leadership for leaders of the University’s Performance Sports teams. He is a graduate of the Open University (MBA), the University of St Andrews (MRes Management) and the University of Surrey (BSc Hotel and Catering Management). Since coming to St Andrews in 2010 Alex has been involved in several other aspects of the University, including academic research, student development and tutoring, and as Stewardship Officer for the Development Office. Prior to that, his “first career” was in Hospitality Management. This included supervisory and management positions with Four Seasons in Canada and Rocco Forte in Germany, as well as some time working on board a Silversea cruise ship.

Stephanie Miller

Administrator (Finance Specialist)

T: +44 (1334) 467154


Stephanie is responsible for administration relating to CEED’s finances and is the departmental Health and Safety Officer.


  • Financial administration to support the CEED team. This includes: acting as Departmental Designated Person authorising Purchase Orders and processing invoices; assisting in production of annual budget and carrying out budget monitoring; producing reports for financial and other activity metrics; setting up external suppliers used by CEED on the University systems; non-staff expenses; and staff travel.

  • General administrative support to the Co-Directors and other members of CEED staff

  • Departmental health and safety officer

  • Reviewing department policies and processes


After studying for a BA in English and American Literature and an MA in Dickens and Victorian Culture at the University of Kent, Stephanie joined Perth & Kinross Council as a Transformation Graduate. In this role she supported the Fairness Commission and worked within the Organisational Development team on a variety of projects. Following this, she worked in Client Services for an Investment Services company before joining CAPOD in 2018.

A picture of Cat Wilson

Catriona Wilson

CEED Director

T: +44 (1334) 462558


Cat has responsibility for directing the activities of CEED, and delivering on the relevant elements of the University's Education, People and Digital strategies. 

CEED's remit is to enhance and develop education in terms of the following:

  • Student Development:
    • Support for our students to develop our University graduate attributes, and a range of professional and academic skils.
  • Educational Development
    • Support for our staff who teach
  • Technology Enhanced Learning and IT Skills
    • Support for our staff and students to develop their TEL and IT skills.


I am a graduate of the University of St Andrews (BSc (Hons.) Psychology) and have a Masters’ Degree in Organisational Psychology, and a postgraduate diploma in Personnel Management. I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a qualified Belbin and DiSC practitioner and have British Psychological Society level A and B certificates in Psychometric testing.

Prior to working at the University, I worked with Ford Motor Company in Employee Relations, and Training and Development roles. I joined the University in 2003 as a Staff Development Officer, before holding the roles of Head of Organisational Development, Head of Student Development, Deputy Director of CAPOD and Co-Director of CAPOD. 


Dr Rebecca Wilson

Student Developer

T: +44 (1334) 467157


Rebecca works with the Student Development team to deliver CEED’s development service for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students, which includes academic, professional and IT Skills. 





  • Delivering 1:1 Academic Skills sessions.

  • Design and delivery of bespoke academic skills workshops to a variety of cohorts.

  • Assisting with the design and delivery of professional skills workshops.

  • Overseeing student mentoring programmes

  • Coordinting the Transitions Toolkit 


I recently finished my PhD in International Relations, previously, I gained my MLitt in International Political Theory, both at the University of St Andrews. During my studies I have worked as a tutor in the School of International Relations as well as assisting CAPOD with various projects and as a Study Skills tutor. Before moving to Scotland, I worked as a skills coordinator in Uganda, aiding both school and university students in a range of skills with a focus on critical thinking.