Mathematics and statistics support

 CEED's maths and statistics support service allows undergraduate and taught postgraduate students from the university to come for free, confidential, one to one help with any mathematics or statistics based problem. β€Œ β€ŒImage within Maths section.If you are confused by a particular topic, stuck on a problem, want to build confidence in your mathematical ability, or want to consult about experimental design or data analysis then why not make an appointment?

β€Œβ€ŒStudents can receive support with the maths and stats components of courses taught in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Medicine, Physics, Psychology, Philosophy, and Geography & Geosciences.

The list of topics currently covered by our tutors can be viewed using our interactive topic list.  If the topic you are looking for isn't listed here, please get in touch and we will find out if any of our tutors are able to help (

Please note, that our CEED office does not have a full mobility access. If you have any access requirements, please contact CEED directly. 

One to one appointments

One-to-one appointments are one-hour sessions designed to provide detailed and focused assistance with mathematics and statistics support. 


To book a one-to-one appointment please see the Academic Development Community webpage. 

From here you can also find out about other one-to-one appointments, which support skills for learning, including Academic English Language and Academic (Study) Skills.

Mathematics and Statistics support

Our new Maths and Stats Hub contains resources on a range of topics to support you with Mathematical and Statistical elements of your degree.

Mathematics features in many different subjects, and an understanding of the maths behind a subject can often greatly aid understanding of the subject itself.

From basic descriptive statistics to inferential statistics there will be a statistical tool appropriate to use for any data situation. Here you will find information on the classification of your data, the appropriate analysis to employ, and the interpretation of such analysis. 

CEED's online resources cover the following areas:



  • Fundamentals of mathematics



  • Fundamentals of statistics;

  • Statistical tests;

  • Statistical regression;

  • Statistics in dissertation project planning;


Please note, we are also able to offer a 20% discount for subscriptions to Laerd Statistics, who provide tutorials in SPSS software.  To obtain a code please email: 


Our new Maths and Stats Hub can be accessed on Moodle.

'Friendly econ' scheme

Sub-honours students in Economics should also note 'Friendly Econ', a student-run tutoring scheme organised by the St Andrews Economics Society and supported by CEED.

Friendly Econ  tutors are honours students selected based on their academic excellence and strong personal skills. This ensures that the sessions are run in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, where the tutor guides the student towards discovering the solution.  

Economics Honours students provide support with:

  • understanding economic concepts;

  • performing mathematical calculations; and,

  • solving tutorial questions.

When, where?

This semester, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the scheme will run every Wednesday in a virual format. Tutoring sessions for first-year students will take place from 3 to 4 pm and from 4 to 5 pm for second-year students. Please, check Friendly-Econ's Facebook page to access the link to the tutoring session.