The business transformation board (BTB) are responsible for monitoring initiatives regularly to ensure on-going progress and continued business justification, via the business transformation lifecycle (BTL). The business transformation portfolio (BTP) operates on a four-weekly reporting cycle.

Unless special dispensation has been agreed by BTB, the initiative's programme or project manager is required to use the business transformation templates when submitting stage gate reports (at appropriate points in the initiative's lifecycle) and four-weekly status reports. The initiative's manager is also responsible for reporting escalations where they expect to exceed any stage or initiative-level tolerances for matters such as:

  • budget variations
  • alterations to schedules
  • deviations from agreed quality
  • changes to scope
  • risks and issues
  • changes to benefits forecast.

The initiative's manager is responsible for reporting on benefits realised prior to the closure of the initiative. Following the closure of the initiative, the responsibility for benefits realisation and review will transfer to an appropriate operational member of staff, as agreed in the initiative end report.

All stage gate submissions, status and escalation reports (excluding business transformation proposals and benefit reviews, which are submitted to BTPO via email) must be stored within the appropriate folder on the BTP shared drive, on or before the key dates for submission, in order to be considered.

For stage gate submissions and escalation reports only, the programme or project manager must also email the business transformation helpdesk to advise which type of reports are ready for the BTB to review, on or before the key dates for submission, in order to be considered.

If any of the above reporting requirements are not met, then the submission may be rolled over to the next four-weekly cycle. Late status reports may be reported as non-submissions. Please contact the business transformation helpdesk if you have a query regarding reporting requirements.

Following the board meeting, sponsors and programme or project managers should view BTB investment and monitoring decisions within the respective initiative record on the P3 register.

Find out more about key dates for submission or how to submit a business transformation proposal.

For access to business tranformation templates, please contact the business tranformation helpdesk.

Keys dates for submission

Below are the BTP reporting submission and BTB meeting dates. Find more about BTB responsibilities and membership.

Period Period datesReport submission date BTB meeting date
55 Mon 03 Feb - Sun 01 Mar 2020 Mon 02 Mar 2020 11-1pm Wed 11 Mar 2020
56 Mon 02 Mar - Sun 29 Mar 2020 Mon 30 Mar 2020 11-1pm Wed 8 Apr 2020
57 Mon 30 Mar - Sun 26 Apr 2020 Mon 27 Apr 2020 11-1pm Wed 6 May 2020
58 Mon 27 Apr - Sun 24 May 2020 Mon 25 May 2020 11-1pm Wed 3 Jun 2020
59 Mon 25 May - Sun 21 Jun 2020 Mon 22 Jun 2020 11-1pm Wed 1 Jul 2020
60 Mon 22 Jun - Sun 19 Jul 2020 Mon 20 Jul 2020 11-1pm Wed 29 Jul 2020
61 Mon 20 Jul - Sun 16 Aug 2020 Mon 17 Aug 2020 11-1pm Wed 26 Aug 2020
62 Mon 17 Aug - Sun 13 Sep 2020 Mon 14 Sep 2020 11-1pm Wed 23 Sep 2020
63 Mon 14 Sep - Sun 11 Oct 2020 Mon 12 Oct 2020 11-1pm Wed 21 Oct 2020
64 Mon 12 Oct - Sun 08 Nov 2020 Mon 09 Nov 2020 11-1pm Wed 18 Nov 2020
65 Mon 09 Nov - Sun 06 Dec 2020 Mon 07 Dec 2020 11-1pm Wed 16 Dec 2020
66 Mon 07 Dec - Sun 03 Jan 2021 Mon 04 Jan 2021 11-1pm Wed 13 Jan 2021