Business Transformation Board

The University’s Business Transformation Board (BTB) is the governance body responsible for making investment decisions and monitoring progress of all initiatives within the Business Transformation Portfolio (BTP).

To find out more, download the BTB Terms of reference (PDF)

BTB responsibilities

  • approve and prioritise initiatives
  • schedule initiatives to make best use of finite resources
  • monitor the progress of initiatives and resolve escalations
  • ensure any conflicts between portfolio initiatives and business as usual are addressed effectively
  • evaluate the outcomes of initiatives
  • promote collaborative working across the University
  • review and resolve key portfolio-level risks and issues
  • ensure that all initiatives comply with the business transformation policy.

BTB membership

  • Vice-Principal (Strategy, Policy and Planning) (Chair)
  • Deputy Principal
  • Quaestor and Factor
  • Master
  • Vice-Principal Education (Proctor)
  • Vice-Principal (Governance)
  • Vice-Principal (People and Diversity)
  • Vice-Principal (Digital Education, Research and Environment)
  • Vice-Principal (Communications)
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Executive Officer to the PO
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Business Transformation
  • Deputy Director of Business Transformation

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