Business Transformation portfolio

The Business Transformation Portfolio (BTP) is a segment of the University's investment in the transformational changes required to achieve its strategic objectives.

The BTP aims to enable the achievement of the University’s strategy by ensuring that:

  • Changes to business as usual are agreed at the appropriate management level and contribute to the achievement of the University’s strategy.
  • Investment decisions are based on a clear understanding of cost, risk, impact on business as usual and the benefit to be realised.
  • Initiatives are prioritised and scheduled in line with business as usual commitments and current initiatives, to make the best use of resources.
  • Initiatives are resourced appropriately in terms of staff capability and capacity.
  • Initiatives are reviewed frequently in terms of progress, cost, risk, priority, benefits and strategic alignment.

These initiatives will take the form of either a hub portfolio, programme or project.

A summary of the initiatives within the BTP is provided within the initiatives register.

All BTP initiatives are subject to the business transformation policy. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all Business Transformation initiatives are governed, developed and delivered in a consistent and controlled manner following principles of programme and project management best practices. This policy also enables the prioritisation of initiatives by ensuring there is consistent information available to support decision-making.

Find out more about the BTP's remit and how to submit a business transformation proposal or the services offered by Business Transformation. If you require support in relation to your initiative, contact the Business Transformation helpdesk.