Lessons learned

The Business Transformation team is focused on better supporting the University by harnessing knowledge gained through experience. The experience may be positive, such as an effective activity, or negative, such as a miscalculation, but in either case it should be reflected as a lesson learned.

A lesson must be significant in that it has a real or assumed impact; valid in that is factually and technically correct; and applicable in that it identifies a specific design, process, or decision that reinforces a positive result or reduces or eliminates the potential for failure.

The main purpose of this service is to: 

  • collect and analyse lessons periodically and as part of the closure process, incorporating required changes across business transformation programme and project management methods
  • share lessons across initiatives within the portfolio in real-time
  • provide the University with an annual lessons report, showing what has been learned and the associated benefits.

Change progressing outwith the portfolio may also wish to take advantage of this knowledge. For further information, please contact the Business Transformation helpdesk.