Business transformation method

The University has invested time in designing its own method, drawing on leading research into change management practices and internal lessons learned.  This method is comprised of strategies, processes, templates and tools.

Unless special dispensation has been given by the Business Transformation team, all programmes and projects within the Business Transformation Portfolio (BTP) should be managed using the business transformation method.

Only initiatives managed in accordance with this method, or where special dispensation has been pre-agreed, are supported by Business Transformation. Find out more about the services provided by Business Transformation.

All initiatives within the BTP are required to meet the Business Transformation Board's (BTB) reporting requirements, irrespective of the management method adopted.

For advice on the business transformation method or for any other assistance (e.g. access to templates, training, tailoring advice), please contact the Business Transformation helpdesk.

Business transformation lifecycle

The business transformation lifecycle is the process that underpins the method and is used to control and support the delivery of all initiatives within the Business Transformation Portfolio (BTP) and validate their continued business justification at key points via a series of stage gates. The business transformation lifecycle consists of five consecutive stages, tailored depending on whether a programme or project approach is being taken.

A high-level overview of the stages and the stage gates within the process for projects, including what needs to be submitted to the Business Transformation Board (BTB), is provided within the business transformation lifecycle (BTL) overview section below.

For more detailed information on the activities within each stage and stage gate and for how the stages run for a programme, please download the Business transformation method guide (PDF) 

Please also refer to the business transformation policy.