Proposal submission

The business transformation portfolio (BTP) currently focuses on high complexity change taking place across the University.

The following criteria determine whether an initiative is high complexity and should form part of the BTP:

BTP complexity criteria

  • Total costs charged to the initiative for the entire lifecycle, as defined by the business transformation lifecycle, are over £25,000 (inc. VAT)
    • This includes non-pay costs such as consultant support, new equipment, software or other expenditure required for implementation 
    • Pay related costs resulting from any change to the staffing complement on a temporary basis
    • This does not include recurring pay and non-pay costs within and beyond the initiative lifecycle. These should feature in the business case as appropriate, but would be articulated as recurring operational costs
  • Total staff effort including initiative board, team and project manager/business analyst time is more than 100 days
  • The elapsed time from proposal to initiative completion is over 6 months
  • There will be major impacts on or major behaviour change required from students and/or external customers
  • There will be major impacts on the work processes of the business area and/or any ripple effect on work processes of other business areas
  • There will be major impacts on the work processes of suppliers, partners or other external stakeholders
  • There will be major impacts on the organisational structure of the business area and/or any ripple effect on the organisational structure of other business areas
  • There are more than five key stakeholders, each representing a group of people with different needs either internal or external to the organisation
  • There is limited knowledge of the technology, especially if not in house and not easily available
  • It involves software applications and business processes where limited knowledge or documentation exists
  • It involves IT platform infrastructure that is complex, including middleware, operating systems, systems software
  • The key systems have more than one interface, data exchange with external sources or data of a sensitive nature
  • Multiple suppliers (internal or external solution providers) are working together to provide a solution
  • There is high risk of major impact to reputation and/or downstream systems/processes if errors were found in the solution being implemented
  • Other initiatives have dependencies on the outputs from this initiative

If any of the above criteria are relevant to a new initiative, please complete the Business transformation proposal template (Word, 38 KB) articulating an initial description of the improvement idea. 

Once completed this can be submitted by email to the business transformation helpdesk. Please expect to attend the next BTB meeting to present your proposal.

If you are unsure whether your initiative should form part of the BTP, please contact the business transformation helpdesk for guidance.

If you expect your idea will not meet the criteria set out above, please use the Business transformation method guide (PDF, 1,183 KB) as guidance to engage the right expertise across the institution before reconsidering your initiative against the criteria at both outline and full business case. If your initiative meets the criteria set out above at either of these points, please submit your business case to BTB via the business transformation helpdesk.

For existing initiatives already beyond the proposal stage (see business transformation method for details) please contact the business transformation helpdesk for guidance.

Find out more about the key dates for submission.

Please note: Technology focused initiatives where no business change is required will not be considered business transformation initiatives and will instead be managed by IT Services within a local portfolio.