Meet the academic, teaching and professional services staff, as well as PhD students, within the School of Art History.

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Dr Natalie Adamson

Director of Research


The interpretation of abstract painting; Surrealism; problems in French painting and political ideology in the post-45 period; modernist photography.

Dr Francesca Borgo

Lecturer in Art History

Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century European Visual Culture; War Studies; Leonardo Studies; Materials and Materiality

Prof Karen Brown


Senior Lecturer

Museums and Heritage Studies relating to: Community, Sustainability, Cultural Memory, Europe-Latin America Relations

Dr Kate Cowcher

Lecturer in Art History

Arts of Africa; modern and contemporary art; African cinema; Cold War cultures; colonial and post-colonial art collections in the UK.

Dr Ruth Ezra

Lecturer in Art History

material and visual culture of northern Europe, 1400-1750; sculptural aesthetics; printmaking; process; history of science

Dr Luke Gartlan

Senior Lecturer

Histories and theories of photography; Japanese modern art and visual practices; Orientalism and cross-cultural art; the art of the Habsburg Empire; and art, empire, and the global nineteenth century.

Prof Linda Goddard


Artists' writings; word and image studies; visual and literary cultures of travel and colonialism; art writing, art criticism; nineteenth-century French art and literature

Dr Anna Grasskamp

Lecturer in Art History

Art and cultural exchange; art and ecology; cultures of craftsmanship and design; material culture studies; histories of collecting and display; practices of (re)framing and recycling; historiography of (global) art histories

Dr Andrew Horn

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow

Italian art of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; Catholic Reform/Counter-Reform; Baroque art and culture; religious theatre and ritual; performance; illusionism; early modern spectacle; painting; sculpture; intermediality  

Dr Jeremy Howard

Senior Lecturer

European/Eurasian Art and Architecture 1600-1920, particularly east, central and northern Europe (e.g. Russia, Baltic and Balkan regions, Scotland); Schooling: Architecture, Art, Materialities and Pedagogies.

Dr Shona Kallestrup

Honorary Research Fellow


19th/20th century; East Central Europe; Scandinavia; architecture and design; art historiography

Dr Marika Knowles

Director of Impact

Senior Lecturer in Art History

Dr Lenia Kouneni

Director of Teaching


Classical reception studies; history of archaeology; Byzantine art and its historiography; history of collecting; Grand Tour

Prof Julian Luxford


Medieval art and architecture; early modern painting; manuscript studies; monastic history.

Ms Nicole Meehan


digital museums objects; postdigital access; museum education; cultural memory; digital humanities

Prof Laura Moretti

Head of the School of Art History

Professor of Art and Architectural History

Architectural history in early modern Italy; use of architectural space for musical performances, artwork display, and collecting practices in early modern Italy; history of the early modern illustrated book.

Dr Stephanie O'Rourke

Senior Lecturer

eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European visual culture

Dr Alistair Rider

Senior Lecturer

Twentieth-century art, particularly 1950-1980, minimalism, abstraction, histories of sculpture, theories of art practice  

Dr Sam Rose

Senior Lecturer

Modernism; modern art in Britain; art theory and aesthetics; twentieth-century and contemporary art writing; contemporary art in relation to modernism

Dr Billy Rough

MA Combined Studies Co-ordinator

British Art of the long nineteenth century; British theatre including music hall; the works of Walter Sickert; etching revival and printmaking in the 19th century.

Prof Kathryn M. Rudy FBA FRSE


Medieval manuscripts and objects; pilgrimage, real and imagined; forensic approaches to objects and materials; early printing; craft, embodied knowledge, and intangible cultural heritage in Europe and Asia. On leave until 2022

Dr Natalia Sassu Suarez Ferri


Latin American art of the 20th and 21st century; transnational links between Europe and Latin America; kinetic art; colour theory; the emergence of abstraction; modernisms.

Dr Emily Savage

Associate Lecturer

Medieval material culture; illuminated manuscripts; marginalia; spolia and re-use; the visual culture of death, apocalypse, and the Last Judgment.

Dr Catherine Spencer

Senior Lecturer

modern and contemporary art; performance art; feminism; abstraction; transnationalism

Dr Elsje van Kessel

Senior Lecturer

Early modern Italian and Iberian art; history of use, display and collecting; visual arts in early modern writing; portraiture; object mobility.

Dr Yusen Yu

Lecturer in Iranian Islamic Art History

Dr Anthi Andronikou

Honorary Research Fellow

Early Italian Painting; Byzantine Art; Medieval Mediterranean; Art and Material Culture of the Crusades in the Latin East; Post-Byzantine Art; Mendicant Orders; Pseudo-Arabic in Christian contexts

Dr Agnès Bos

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Decorative arts, History of furniture, Medieval and Renaissance architecture, History of collections, Museum studies.

Ms Ann Gunn

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Mr Philip Long

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Jose Ramon Marcaida Lopez

Art History Honorary Lecturer

Art and visual culture in the early modern Hispanic world; Spanish Baroque art and culture; Visual and material culture of science, medicine and technology; Skill, practices, materials and techniques

Dr Tom Normand

Honorary Research Fellow

Prof David Walker

Emeritus Professor