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Accommodation options

‌Finding accommodation overseas can be challenging. Below are some points to consider when researching your accommodation options:

  • Accommodation is not guaranteed at many of our exchange partners so be prepared to find private accommodation, particularly in large cities such as Paris
  • Accommodation is your responsibility so make sure you plan ahead and research your options
  • Ensure you meet application deadlines
  • Some exchange partners may require you to live in their on-campus accommodation
  • In the USA, it is common to have meal plans rather than self-catered accommodation
  • If working abroad, ask your employer/ school for advice
  • Be mindful of your commute time to work; research what public transport options are available
  • Don’t feel pressured into taking accommodation which your employer/ school suggests
  • Never visit potential accommodation alone
  • Ensure you have an official contract
  • Consider living with native speakers, particularly if you are studying languages
  • Beware of scams – be particularly vigilant if searching for accommodation through social media platforms.  Always use a registered letting agent if possible
  • For more information on finding accommodation, please see our blog post

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