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Student Conduct

Each student has the right and ability to make decisions about his or her conduct, and the responsibility to accept the consequences of their decisions.  Where necessary, and in the event of misconduct, the University has the authority to take disciplinary action.  Persistent or serious misconduct will be dealt with via the Non-academic misconduct policy.  Penalties are determined on an individual basis and in the most serious cases, students may have their residence contracts reviewed, or may be expelled from the University.

In the event that a concern is raised about the conduct of a student that indicates a risk to the University community, risks will be assessed and necessary precautionary action taken in accordance with the Policy on Student Conduct Risk Management.

For more information see Conduct and Discipline.

Non-Academic Misconduct Policy (Students) (PDF, 1,051 KB)

Policy on Student Conduct Risk Management (PDF, 30 KB)