Insurance Orphan's Fund

Applicants do not need to be orphans

Have either or both of your parents spent most of their working life in insurance in the UK or Republic of Ireland?

Are you finding it difficult to meet living expenses from income and capital?

If you answered YES to both of the above questions you may be eligible for a Higher Education Maintenance Grant from the above fund. Help is normally only considered towards a student's living expenses for a maximum period of 12 months in the second or subsequent year of a first degree course. However, where the student's parents are experiencing financial hardship, help can be considered from the start of the course. An assessment of both the student's and parents' resources is therefore undertaken to decide on those most in need. To find out whether you would be eligible for help:

  • Send us a stamped, addressed envelope.
  • Send full details of your course (including a copy of your enrolment slip), capital and income (including a copy of your LEA grant assessment) and your parent(s') insurance service (including name and address of employer and dates of service).

For further information please contact:

Money Adviser
Student Services
University of St Andrews
Eden Court
St Andrews
KY16 9AS

Tel: (01334 46)2720