Young Student Bursary

Did you know that if you receive funding by SAAS (Student Awards Agency for Scotland) and you’re a full time undergraduate student you may be able eligible for Young Student Bursary?

SAAS will pay this bursary instead of part of the student loan. The bursary does not need to be repaid but, but the loan does.

For this current academic year (2018/19), SAAS will pay a maximum of £1,875 a year if your household income is £16,999 or less a year. This reduces to zero for a household income over £34,000 a year. If you have undertaken a course of higher education previously you may not receive this bursary for some or all of your course. See the table below for how much bursary and loan you could receive based on your household income.

Young Students (Dependent Students)
Household Income Bursary Loan Total
£0 - £18,999* £1,875 £5,750 £7,625
£19,000 to £23,999* £1,125 £5,750 £6,875
£24,000 to £33,999 £500 £5,750 £6,250
£34,000 and above £0 £4,750 £4,750

Both the bursary and loan can be used for general living costs whilst you are studying. Both are paid in monthly instalments throughout the academic year. The first payment is in September which will be a double payment.

You may be eligible to apply for a young Student bursary if the following apply to you:

  • You are under 25 before the start of the academic year.
  • You do not have a child of any age dependent on you at the start of the academic year.
  • You have not supported yourself from earnings or benefits outside full-time education for any three years before the first day of the first academic year.
  • You are not married, in a civil partnership or living with a partner before the first day of the first academic year.

If these do not apply to you, you may be eligible for an Independent Student Bursary.

You can find out more about and make an application to the the Young Student Bursary and Independent Student Bursary via the SAAS Undergrad Funding webpage.