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Antony Tudor Drama Fund

Financial assistance is available to student groups and societies for the support of drama and other forms of staged entertainment in the University, including musical dance.

The Student Drama Advisory Group will consider the applications according to some of the undernoted criteria:-

  • positive reviews of previous productions;
  • strong business case - helping to enable student groups to make their productions viable (e.g. evidence of having shown initiative in securing additional funding sources; evidence that grant would be a long term investment);
  • benefit the University image;
  • supporting students in doing something creative that enhances their student experience; develops their skills (e.g. employability) and projects their activities to an audience;
  • supporting new festivals and events e.g. St Andrews Voices;
  • positive town/gown relations;
  • cultural impact;
  • educational initiative.

The Advisory Group will consider applications periodically during the academic year.  Productions in progress will also be considered for funding.  Please use the form Antony Tudor Trust Fund Application found on this page on the right hand side.  Instructions for submission on are the last page of the form.

For application deadlines throughout the year, please refer to the Memos page.

Please note that all productions must be affiliated with either The Mermaids or On The Rocks, as the University cannot make payments from this fund into private accounts.

Additional information about student drama

The Barron Theatre:

Home of Mermaids, the Barron is a student-run black box space which is very flexible and perfect for rehearsals and performances. It also houses a workshop which ArtSoc make great use of with events, and in the past has hosted everything from art exhibitions, to Music is Love events, and Jazz concerts!


Mermaids is a sub-committee of the Students' Association, meaning that all matriculated students are automatically members. It represents the funding and the support to allow all students to explore their own creativity with a friendly safety net if required. Mermaids supports everything from Shakespeare in St Andrews Castle, to student-writing in our very own Barron Theatre. We can help you get involved in any aspect of the performing arts, off stage as well as on it.


Stewardship Officer

Crawford Building
91 North Street

St Andrews
KY16 9AJ
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0)01334 461911