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Find out the options for paying your tuition fees or accommodation fees below.

What will my fees be?

Tuition fees

You should expect to pay fees for every year you are in attendance and be aware fees are subject to revision and may increase annually.

Accommodation fees

How can I pay my fees?

It is University policy not to send out invoices to students for payment of tuition and/or accommodation as all the fee information is published on our web pages.

Prior to the start of the academic year, payment should be made in full or an instalment plan should be set up from one of the options offered. Ideally tuition and accommodation fees should NOT be paid in cash.

If you are unable to pay by one of the instalment options offered, then please contact where your request for an exceptional payment plan will be managed professionally and confidentially by a senior member of Finance staff.

Tuition fees

  • Self funded
    This includes payment from parents or guardians.
  • Externally funded
    This includes payment from SAAS, SLC and other private companies.

Accommodation fees

If a private company or other organisation are paying your accommodation fees, you will be required to provide us with the full name and contact details as part of online Matriculation.

If it transpires that your fees are underpaid or are amended at any time during the year then you will be liable for any shortfall. Similarly, the University will refund any overpayment. The University reserves the right to change your status to 'Not Registered' until payment has either been received in full or a satisfactory instalment option has been agreed.