Your hall of residence

We look forward to welcoming you to the University of St Andrews.

Halls of residence re-open on Saturday the 2nd of September. If you plan to arrive before that date, you will need to arrange private accommodation in St Andrews.

If you have any questions, after checking this information, please contact the Student Accommodation Team at

For more information about your specific hall, please take a look at the listing below.


The first thing you should do once you have collected your keys is complete your inventory.

You will either find an inventory form in your room or will be emailed one out within the first week.

If you do not receive an inventory form, it is your responsibility to request one. 

Please check the inventory, fill it in carefully, and return it to your residence management team within 48 hours of your arrival.

It is very important you carefully record anything which is missing or damaged, as the inventories are kept as an official record of the condition of the room when you move in.

They are then compared with the condition of the room or property when you leave, and you will be charged for any missing items or damages.

If you do not return an inventory, a Residential Services Manager will assume that everything in the room was satisfactory when you arrive.