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  2. Academic changes and other situations you should discuss with your School


    Understand what changes and circumstances should be discussed with your School, and how to contact your School

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  4. Access a dentist


    Learn how to access dental treatment

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  6. Use devices and wifi in student accommodation


    Find out what devices can connect to the University’s wifi in student accommodation and what items you may want to leave at home.

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  8. Get a car parking permit as a student


    Find out how to get a car parking permit as a student, and which University car parks you can park in.

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  10. Staying in University accommodation during vacations


    Understand whether you can stay in your University accommodation during vacations.

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  12. Benefit from guaranteed University accommodation


    Learn about the University’s student accommodation guarantees.

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  14. Cleaning your student accommodation


    Find out what is expected of you and what your cleaning responsibilities are.

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  16. Keeping pets in student accommodation


    Learn about the policy on pets in student accommodation, the definition of an assistance dog, and your responsibilities if your assistance dog stays with you in student accommodation.

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  18. Transfer to a different University accommodation


    Understand the conditions that apply to accommodation transfer requests.

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  20. What to bring to University accommodation


    Find out what to bring to help you settle in at University and what to leave at home.