Who the hall wardens are and what they do

Updated on: 5 December 2023

Learn what services and support the Halls Life team offer student residents in the University’s halls of residence.

Who are the Halls Life team? 

Each hall has a dedicated live-in team tasked with providing a positive and supportive residential experience. The majority of the staff in this team are also postgraduate students at the University. 

Halls Life staff are there to support you during your stay in a University hall. They organise events and social activities, and they also care for your wellbeing and safety.

This team works with residents, the hall committee, and the residential services team to encourage community building and a strong hall identity, and to help you make the most of your experience at university.  

When you arrive you will be given information about your Halls Life team, including their contact details and when they are available for you to get in touch.  

The Halls Life team also have an office where you are welcome to drop by for a visit or a chat.