Question: What are Self Certs?

Self Cert’, ‘Self Certificates’ and ‘Exceptional Circumstances’ are all terms used to refer to the method students use to inform module and school staff of a possible absence or other issue(s) that may interfere with their studies. Students enter these into a system called E-vision, which in turns saves this information in the Registry database (SITS). Staff are then able to view the Self Certs via the ‘Self Certs’ tab on the Overview page for a module, ‘Except. Circumstances’ tab on a students ‘User Details’ page and ‘Exceptional Circumstances’ link in the Assessment section of the School page. As the Self Cert is entered by the student it will not usually have associated supporting documentation and it is up to school and module staff to make a judgment as to the validity of a Self Cert. Self Certs are represented by an orange triangle in the Coursework tool and Group Attendance Tool.