Question: How can I create more groups in MMS?

In a module in MMS students can be broken into groups of different group types. Each module, by default, has the tutorial group type, but more group types can be created. To create a new group type:

  • Click the Student Tab on the Overview page for the module and scroll to the bottom to the ‘Group types’ section.
  • There should be a table with the group types already created and underneath the table a text box labelled ‘Type Name:’.
  • Enter the new type name e.g. lab and click the ‘Add New Type’ button.

A new tab will appear on the Module Overview (near the ‘Tutorial Groups’ tab). Once you have created the group types required you may start to make groups.

To make new groups:

  • Click on the group type tab in which you want to make the group e.g. the Tutorial Groups tab for tutorial groups
  • There will be a table listing the students in the module and any groups that have already been created. Under the table there is a text box labelled ‘Group name:’

Enter the new group name and click the ‘Add Group’ button. A new row will appear in the top table. You will be able to update the group with information on day, time and location but this is not necessary.