Question: Why can students not see feedback?

MMS does not automatically make feedback visible to students. Feedback can be made visible to students manually. On the configuration page for the coursework tool (to access click the ‘Configure’ icon in the top right of the coursework tool) there is an option labelled ‘visibility’. There are three main options: ‘Hidden’, ‘feedback visible’ and ‘marks and feedback visible’. To allow students to see feedback then either the ‘Feedback visible’ or ‘marks and feedback visible’ options need to be selected and saved.

If feedback is visible by default but still invisible to a student then the style of the feedback has to be checked. Like assignment style, if the style is ‘staff only’ then students will be unable to see the feedback. To check the style of feedback for an assignment:

  • Access the Coursework tool
  • Click on the Assignment title in the Coursework table to be directed to the overview for the assignment
  • Scroll down the table until you have located the student and click the ‘[View Feedback]’ link
  • Click on the ‘Previous Feedback’ tab which will list all feedback submitted for that assignment.
  • The ‘Visibility’ column will list if the feedback is ‘Staff Only’ or based on the default settings on the configuration page.

If feedback is listed as ‘Staff Only’ then students will never be able to see this and the feedback will need to be entered/uploaded again as student feedback.