Question: Why can’t my students submit essays in MMS?

If it is before the due date and students cannot submit essays to an assignment there are two configuration options that can be checked:

  • Submission Style: Found on the ‘Configuration’ page on the coursework tool (the ‘Configure’ icon in the top right of the Coursework tool will direct you to the ‘Configuration’ page), the ‘Style’ of an assignment is listed in the assignment table. Students can only submit an electronic submission if the style is set to 'MMS upload' or 'Turnitin Submission'.
  • Start Date: Students can only submit to an assignment if the current date is after the assignment ‘start date’.
    • MMS Upload - To check the 'start', navigate to the assignment overview by clicking on the assignment title in the table when you first access the coursework tool, and then select the ‘Settings Tab’. The start date is listed in the ‘Key dates’ section.
    • Turnitin Submission - To check the start date navigate to the assignment overview and click the 'View Turnitin Scores' link to enter the Turnitin Assignment inbox. Click the 'Settings' link, the start date and due date will be listed there.

In addition to the configuration staff should also check the type of files students are trying to upload:

  • MMS submissions have to be under 600MB
  • Turnitin submissions have to be under 40MB
  • Turnitin can only accept the following file types:
    • Text .txt
    • MS Word .doc, .docx
    • MS PowerPoint
    • Postscript
    • PDF
    • RTF
    • HTML
    • WordPerfect
    • Hangul
    • OpenOffice