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Radiation Protection

The Radiation Protection Service comprises the Manager (University Radiation Protection Adviser) and the Radiation Protection Officer.

The service undertakes the day-to-day work of the University Radiation Hazards Management Group. This includes:

  • Providing advice on radiation protection;
  • Providing appropriate dosimeters;
  • Inspection and maintenance of monitors;
  • Periodic monitoring of workplaces;
  • Investigating accidents involving radiation;
  • The management of radioactive waste disposal;

The University now has one certificate of Registration and Authorisation under the Radioactive Substances Act 1993 for all work with unsealed radioactive sources.

This means that all records of radioactive holdings and disposals have to be kept centrally. To do this, the University uses a program called RadProt. Guidance on the use of RadProt is contained within RadProt Radioactivity Management Program Users Manual (PDF, 143 KB)

This programme manages:

  • Registration of new workers;
  • Risk assessments for new projects using radioactive sources;
  • Removal of aliquots of radioactivity;
  • Disposal of radioactivity.

You should use this programme for the above work. If you have any questions, you should contact Dr Paul Szawlowski.

N.B. - All new personnel working with radioactive materials must fill in both a Personal and a Project form.

The University's document entitled: 'Work with Ionising Radiation - Policy and Guidance' can be found at URL:

University Work with Ionizing Radiation Policy and Guidance (PDF, 1,362 KB)

Local Rules for Work with Ionising Radiations