Academic Registry

Academic Registry is a key central administrative service of the University supporting Schools, students, senior management and external stakeholders through admission, the administration of the student record, the co-ordination of international partnerships and study abroad, compliance and scholarships and curriculum and the provision of associated in-year reporting. 

Led by the Academic Registrar and supported by a team of senior staff, Registry comprises of several teams currently split between the Old Burgh School and St Katharine’s West.  Registry manages the student journey encompassing the operations and student experience from application through conversion, matriculation, progression and award of all standard student cohorts, comprising of the following teams:

  • Compliance
  • Curriculum
  • Data Team
  • Scholarships
  • Student Conduct
  • Student Journey

Registry is the steward of the institutional student record and therefore all processes and procedures assure and are designed to maintain or improve the quality, integrity and security of this information while ensuring that as much of it is available, accessible, and as usable as possible at the point of need.

Registry supports cross-institutional and local improvement projects. 

The Academic Registar is Marie-Noël Earley, supported by Registry Managers Kostas Zafeiris and Carol McAuley

General enquiries

For a full list of principal contacts please see the Registry website.