Student equality, diversity and inclusion report 2019 Disability actions

Equality, diversity and inclusion staff appointments

In March 2020, the University appointed a Research Fellow and Project Manager in Equalities to work with the AVP Diversity to implement equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiatives across the University. The University also appointed an EDI Project Officer.

In addition, the University has appointed two Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Area Leads (one for Arts and Divinity and one for Science) to further the EDI agenda within their respective faculties.

These new roles build on the existing EDI staff complement of our Head of EDI, two Awards Advisers and an EDI Assistant.

Inclusive curriculum audit

The Project Manager in Equalities will be working with Student Services and the Proctor’s Office to audit the inclusive curriculum initiatives currently active across the University, with a focus on disability. The audit will identify areas to improve and ensure that all Schools remain abreast of sector best practice.

Student support

At present, the University makes provisions for students who declare a disability when they apply to study. We have a range of specialist advisers with knowledge around physical disabilities, sensory impairment, unseen medical conditions, health and medical conditions, mental health and autistic spectrum disorders (this list is not exhaustive).

St Andrews currently provides a range of support including help in:

  • assessing disabled students’ allowance
  • assessing appropriate support for students to access their course of study
  • liaising with student accommodation
  • supporting students in accessing help from external agencies where necessary.

The University will continue to work to understand and address the disability continuation and attainment gaps.