Report and Support First Report Report Summer 2021

We value our students and staff and strive to provide an environment where everyone can excel and consequently benefit the global community. Our University Strategy states our aim to be a beacon for diversity and social responsibility. Part of these commitments include acknowledging that members of our community have been subjected to damaging effects of harassment, discrimination, sexual violence, and bullying behaviours. These behaviours are pervasive across the globe, in all facets of society, and our University is no exception. We recognize this reality and take our duty to protect our University community seriously, by regularly evaluating policies, procedures, and resources related to preventing and dealing with instances of negative behaviour and supporting wellbeing.

The implementation of this single reporting tool responds to calls from a wide range of students and staff including: the University’s Equally Safe Group, St Andrews Survivors, BAME Student Network, Disabled Students’ Network and Saints LGBT+ and others concerned about sexual violence, harassment, discrimination, and bullying behaviours. The Mental Health Taskforce, the Students Association, Student Services and the Suicide Safer Group also welcomed the tool as an additional resource for those seeking help for themselves or others in relation to wellbeing, mental health, and suicide.

Report and Support fulfils part of our commitment to the People Strategy Action Plan, namely, to listen to the different and diverse voices and encourage mutually supportive and collaborative engagement in building an environment where all can thrive.

In July 2020, the Principal’s Office approved the purchase of Report and Support to enable and encourage staff, students, and members of our wider community to report negative behaviour including bullying, harassment, discrimination and sexual violence and to report concerns about the safety and wellbeing of others.