University Teaching for JEL

Properties of Matter

Physics 1A co-lecturer. 14 lectures, 2 workshops and tutorials.

Concepts in Atomic Physics and Magnetic Resonance

Honours year course co-lecturer and module coordinator since 2020/2021. Full course lecturer since 2023/2024.

Project Supervisor

Supervise Undergraduate Project Students for BSc and MPhys courses.

Transferable skills

Junior Honours Year tutor for the transferable skills module.

The Gateway

Workshops in Properties of Matter and Quantum Phenomena for The Gateway students.

Quantum Mechanics

Tutorials in Junior Honours Year Quantum Mechanics I and II.

Group Discovery Project supervisor

Physics 1B supervisor for Group Discovery Projects.

Past: Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry.

Lecture course introducing medicinal chemistry with specific examples from the research and development of antibiotics. Part of the Organic Chemistry Junior Honours Teaching in the School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh.

Past: Tutor in Physical Chemistry

Small group tutorials in the complete Physical Chemistry course. Prinicipally this was a stipendiary position at St Hilda's College although also taught at University and New Colleges, all at the University of Oxford. This role included some level of pastoral support for students.

Past: Tutor in Mathematics for Chemists

Consolidating the first year Mathematics for Chemistry courses through small class teaching at St Hilda's College, University of Oxford.