We are keen to develop the ability for EPR spectroscopy to measure nanometre distances through application. When we find systems that could be suitable for the technique, but for a development issue, then we endeavour to tackle that.

New spin labels for cysteine rich proteins.

Spin labelling nucleic acids.

Gadolinium as a spin label.

New EPR methods for measuring distances.

Investigating the SecYEG translocase.

Metal binding in De Novo peptides.

Proteins under pressure.

Here is a short movie on this last topic made by Aimee Bebbington as part of her Laidlaw Scholarship Program following her first summer project (and as a Junior Honours Student). It is .mov and will only work in some browsers I’m afraid.


Our collaborators include Prof Edward Anderson (Oxford), Dr Carlos Penedo (St Andrews), Dr Graham Smith (St Andrews), Dr Alison Hulme (Edinburgh), Prof David Parker (Durham), Dr Anna Peacock (Birmingham) and Prof Ian Collinson (Bristol).


The facilities in St Andrews are outstanding for sample preparation and EPR instruments. As well of course as a wide ranging body of experts to talk with on all aspects.


Readily available EPR spectrometers

In Physics:

Pulsed X and high powered Q-band (Bruker) with a range of probe heads suitable for DEER, ENDOR and other measurements.

HiPER - A home built high power, wide-bandwidth W-band spectrometer.

An ActiveSpectrum X-band CW EPR spectrometer suitable for checking protein spin labelling.

In Chemistry:

CW X-band with variable temperature capabilities.

All spectrometers apart from the benchtop allow for light excitation in the cavity.

Sample preparation

The group has lab space in the Willie Russell Laboratories building and is part of the Biological Sciences Research Complex (BSRC). All equipment required for the mutagenesis and preparation of labelled proteins is available. Chemistry is carried out in Prof David O’Hagan’s laboratories in the School of Chemistry.

half-baked abstracts

Starting June 2018 newly published papers have been celebrated with a suitably themed cake: