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University Teaching and Research Ethics Committee (UTREC)

The University Teaching and Research Ethics Committee (UTREC) reports to the Audit and Risk Committee, and University Court. UTREC is the overarching Committee which delegates to each School Ethics Committee (SEC) the responsibility for the ethical review and approval of all teaching and research activities involving human participants or human tissues/samples.

Whether you are an Undergraduate Honours, Masters or PhD student, or a member of staff, if your research requires you to interact with humans and/or human tissue, you must seek ethical approval prior to commencing research. Ethical approval is a mandatory obligation and should be a responsibility which you take seriously, as you will be required to bind a copy of your formal approval into your dissertation or thesis prior to submission. Once you have obtained written approval you are free to conduct your research in accordance with your approved ethical application.

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UTREC Office

College Gate
St Andrews
KY16 9AJ
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: 01334 462368


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